The Giving Garden Partnership

PPEL has a special partnership with The Giving Garden, another East Lyme non-profit organization, at 4 Church Lane in East Lyme. At this location in December of 2020, we installed a 2-acre meadow adjacent to The Giving Garden’s fields of food crops. Our meadow will be an ecosystem haven for bee species, butterflies, and many other pollinating insects that will pollinate the vegetable plants. This agricultural relationship is important because one in every three bites of food we eat on a normal day is due to a pollinator doing its job. Right now, the meadow is in its infancy. The seedlings are up and growing strong and we need your help to properly maintain it. More specialized seeding and a few haircuts (a mowing or two) are required so it can mature properly.  When full-grown, it will be a Club Med for insects, open 24 hours a day. A place where they can pop in for an overnight, partake of the local cuisine, rest in optimal surroundings and maybe make a home. 

Church Lane Meadow May 30th, 2022