Public Works Partnership

Imagine driving throughout East Lyme and along the roadside you see Monarch butterflies enjoying New England Aster blooms. This vision means East Lyme is contributing to the Pollinator Pathway AND that our town is following the recommendations of the Plan of Conservation and Development. Their guidelines are to use native plants and to encourage the growth of native wildflowers in parking lot medians, roadways, cul-de-sac islands when it does not interfere with public safety. PPEL is working with our Public Works Department, Planning Department and the Commission for the Conservation of Natural Resources to determine potential sites. Our current project is an island on the Industrial Parkway. Our design for this site includes low growing, drought tolerant native plants which will be mowed once a year in late spring. A win win for maintenance crews and pollinators!  PPEL is currently funding this project and appreciates your support.